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Meet the founder of Zarabat:

Kambiz Kia (he/him) is originally from Tehran, the capital of Iran with experience collaborating with performance artists in Iran. His musical journey began in the Tehran underground scene, which is made up of a unique blend of diverse sounds and styles. In 2010, driven by a passion to discover more in sound and space, he left Iran. His talents soon had him performing at some of the hottest venues in the region, like the residency of Café Del Mar, 44 Bistro & Lounge, Analog Room, Life and Death, Social Club (Belgrade), Yukunkun (Lebanon), Pixie (Turkey), and many more.

Around 2019, he decided to develop new elements and experimental events to practice sustainability in the soundscape. He started to invite his circle of friends and musicians to make connections and start communication with the public in Iran and international artists through the media. He also started to push people to happily participate in his unique program to curate assets for the platform. Let’s say one of his projects is based on people’s curation. Literally, instead of the standard activity of Zarabat broadcasting quality music on SoundCloud, the vision is to introduce MixCloud to Iranians too and also discovering weekly albums, which, with this strategy, could fill the gaps in the region over time.

For uploaded sets you can check Zarabat’s SoundCloud and Mixcloud pages!

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